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Prevent Breachs and Infections before they happen.

How long does it take to set up hosted Microsoft Exchange service?
Start setting up mailboxes immediately after signup. If concerns about fraud or spamming exist, activation may take up to 24 hours.

How much mailbox storage is available?
Each mailbox comes with 100 GB of free storage.

Do I need my own domain?
Yes. We can use your existing domain or register a new domain during setup.

Is there a dedicated Exchange server for each Microsoft Exchange domain?
We securely distribute accounts across multiple servers so your data is not held on a single, dedicated Exchange server. This reduces the risk of domain-wide outages and reduces your cost

Is my email secure?
Yes. All transmissions between your device, destination devices, and our servers are transmitted over secure HTTPS connections with the latest SSL encryption techniques.

Do you offer bulk email marketing services?
We partner with Constant Contact for bulk email marketing services. This lets you to take advantage of their analytic tools to manage your email marketing efforts while MspSecureMail ensures your email system can handle the deluge of responses from your campaigns.

Can I sync email data to my smart phone?
Yes. We offer ActiveSync to push email data to your iPhone, Windows Phone, or Android devices and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for your BlackBerry phone

What are the top questions other businesses ask?
View a list of commonly asked questions about MspSecureMail Email & Apps service:

    Why Should I Pick MspSecureMail Instead of Another Provider Who is Cheaper?
  1. MspSecureMail serves businesses that value service and understand the benefit of quality over price. With MspSecureMail, you get more than a server; you get a team of the top technical experts managing your systems according to industry-leading best practices, a decade of hosting experience and industry stability, and the power of MspPortal Support. So, if price is your only driver, then you should go with a cheaper provider. MspSecureMail wants you to find the right fit for your business needs. But if your business values support, reliability, and stability, MspSecureMail outshines other providers

  2. What is the Difference Between MspSecureMail and Microsoft Exchange?
  3. MspSecureMail Email is a web-based email client with calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes. The web-based interface is accessible via desktop clients like Outlook and web-enabled mobile devices. Microsoft Exchange includes the same with the added benefits of deep Outlook integration, public folders, and optional push service for mobile devices.

  4. I'm Flooded with Spam with My Current Provider. Do You Include Spam/Antivirus? If So, Can I Control Those Settings?
  5. Yes and yes! Our multi-layered spam and virus scanning system is included with every mailbox at no additional cost and utilizes respected technologies from MspMailFilter (See Under Products).With built in Business continuity (Built-in email continuity that enables you to access your email - even when the server is offline) Users Inbound email detected and blocked by MspMailFilter Online is retained in a junk mail quarantine hosted outside your company's network. These messages can be accessed at any time. Users can also receive an emailed summary of detected spam messages, with a link next to each message that allows them to identify any potential false positives and release these from the quarantine. Admins have domain-wide control over whitelists and blacklists via our intuitive Control Panel.

  6. How Does Migrating from My Current Email Provider Work?
  7. Contact our dedicated Migration Team to discuss your migration needs. We offer several options to migrate data from your current email solution. Let our engineers handle it all for you with a Supported Migration or use our Migration App to schedule and manage the migration on your own. Either way, we'll be with you all the way to help troubleshoot and ensure your migration executes flawlessly.

  8. I'm Interested in Collaboration. Should I use Microsoft SharePoint?
  9. That all depends on your specific business needs. SharePoint does this, but like a digital whiteboard, SharePoint provides communication tools, like blogs and wikis, and project management tools, like shared calendars and task tracking to streamline communication.

  10. How Do I Manage My Users? Is the Control Panel Complex?
  11. From upgrading services, adding new mailboxes, ordering additional storage, or viewing account stats, the Control Panel is your one-stop shop for managing users and applications. The Control Panel is accessible from any Internet-connected computer. "You can tell that your team put a lot effort into making the Control Panel usable," says David G Voss, Chief Operating Officer Foxhunt Staffing. He's right. Our Control Panel team includes user experience experts and experienced interface designers focused on making the management of your applications a breeze.

  12. Do I Have to Sign a Contract?
  13. No. We don't want you to stay because you're locked into a contract. We want customers who stay because they value our superior service and industry-leading reliability.

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